The GSD Student

GSD educates its students while seeking their personal enrichment through the development of all of their abilities and the promotion of their social skills, so that they may participate objectively and productively in the improvement of their social and natural environment. The GSD student is educated within a context of social plurality and in the objective and balanced knowledge of the global society that surrounds them through access to culture, and the practice of sports, and respect for nature. The GSD student is prepared for their integration into society, understanding that knowledge is an instrument of personal promotion and social values that must be shared.

Personal enrichment
through the development
of all their abilities

The GSD teacher

The GSD teacher enables the learning process for students in a global context. They are a mediator in conflict resolution, always with a respectful and tolerant attitude towards students, valuing the positive. They are a role model, upholding the rules, and an example to follow.

Emotionally healthy, happy in their work and optimistic about the future, always cooperative with students and colleagues. They are responsible because this is the only way to understand teamwork, as well as being honest and sincere.

Professionally competent, the GSD teacher is demanding with others and with themselves, focused on their continuous training and being up-to-date in the use of ICT.

Learning in a global context
from teamwork

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