Education program


The Baccalaureate is the final part of the a formal-education process, which prepares students to undertake higher education and become successful members of society.

GSD offers students academic preparation to successfully take on university studies, the final stage of their education and whose end result will be the achievement of successful, committed and supportive professionals.

GSD students are committed people and citizens capable of developing themselves and positively relating with the world.

Learning to succeed
in higher education
and as a
member of society

    How do we work?

  • We seek to promote concepts such as work, respect, autonomy, equality, and freedom among our students.
  • We try to instil a love of work and personal effort in students, based on respect for people and their ideas as effective instruments for individual training and improving society.
  • We prepare students to take on higher studies with a guarantee of success and to suitably handle themselves within their future working lives.
  • Bilingual education with English as the first foreign language.
  • We pay particular attention to the development of students’ instrumental skills.
  • Support sessions, class grouping and reinforcement to achieve more personalised teaching.
  • Close collaboration with families.
  • Training as citizens of a democratic society, who know and exercise their rights and responsibilities.
  • We promote sporting, artistic, cultural, and musical activities, as well as those related to nature, as a means of encouraging personal well-being and healthy hobbies.
  • Tutoring-Activities Plan.
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