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GSD is a company based on the values of participation and solidarity that characterise worker cooperatives, managed in a socially responsible way. GSD’s corporate social responsibility is embodied in transparent management and good corporate governance with its various stakeholders: students, families, members and employees, clients, suppliers and partners, public administrations and society in general.

Our aim is to improve the social conditions of the entire educational community, especially those of our members and workers, promoting gender equality and equal opportunities. To this end, we respect diversity and promote actions for the social and professional integration of disabled people and those at risk of social exclusion. The Cooperative supports social projects to improve the lives of those who need it most and is committed to environmental protection.

This management model inspires GSD's core business: education. We provide quality education that promotes the transmission of social and environmental values, facilitating the education of socially responsible citizens. This is reflected in all our business activities.

More information on the website: rse.gsdeducacion.com

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