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GSD Education

PEC and RRI Educational Programs and Projects

As part of its secular ideology, GSD encourages free thought and tolerance, promotes respect for human dignity and stimulates an interest in discovery.

The main objective of GSD Education is to contribute to the education of happy, responsible and critical individuals. World citizens respectful of the environment, ready to function in a global world, participating in their own traditions and learning from other cultures.

Our educational model is committed to the total success of students, with demanding criteria in quality teaching and family services, promoting the entrepreneurial vocation of people with special attention to the social economy.

Enhanced Educational Project

GSD offers families services and activities, integrated into the Center's Educational Project to complement the curriculum, that enable students to enjoy the best conditions to receive a quality education.

These include extending teaching hours by 20% to complement areas and subjects on the official curriculum, forming part of the teaching program and included in the Annual General Program.

All of these activities are voluntary each school year for the families of the Center, and are non-discriminatory and non-profit.

Educational Project
Education in values and coexistence

We provide a comprehensive education, that combines teaching positive values with different knowledge, that will allow our students to successfully develop in society, instilling values such as respect, perseverance, the desire to excel and the love of work, as a cornerstone for personal and academic development.

Internal Regulations
Relationship with families

GSD works closely with families to accompany them in their children’s academic and personal development, while respecting the different ideologies and beliefs of each family.

The educational team of GSD centers is available to both students and their families, maintaining a close relationship.

Active methodologies and cooperative learning

The active methodologies used at GSD are aimed at supporting the student as they become the protagonist of their own learning process, ensuring that this is both significant and useful, developing a taste for research and experimentation and preparing them for a social and professional reality in which collaboration, participation and teamwork will play an increasingly important role. With teachers specialised in Cooperative Learning, we incorporate the cognitive and social benefits of collaboration into our classrooms–our raison d’être.


Pioneers in English language immersion programs, our centers are recognized as Bilingual Schools by the Community of Madrid in Early Childhood and Primary Education stages. For the Primary and Secondary Education stages, we also have an approved Curricular Autonomy project to increase the number of English sessions. We collaborate with native conversation assistants in all educational stages. French is introduced as a third language in the 3rd grade of Primary Education.

Due to the quality of our language teaching, we have been chosen as an examination center for Cambridge in English and DELF in French. Also, our students have the option to obtain the American Baccalaureate along with the national Baccalaureate through the Dual Diploma program.

Global culture, individual identity

GSD aims to inspire its students to become responsible and committed citizens of the world through acquiring knowledge, values and attitudes that reflect their local identity in the global context we are all a part of.

The GSD Match the People program promotes learning through short and long-term cultural exchanges with sister schools in more than 12 countries on five continents. We believe that our students should not only master languages but also be able to function in a global world through exchanging experiences with other cultures.


We believe healthy eating should be part of our educational project, with meals prepared in our own kitchens by our staff, led by expert chefs, with the supervision of SEDCA, and certified through the ISO 9001 Management System, reinforced by internal and external audits.

GSD boasts a very complete Allergy Management Plan that meets all dietary needs in accordance with parents for students’ health, including during trips outside the center, and collaborating in teaching students to promote their safety and independence.

Health Plan

The purpose of the GSD School Health Plan is to promote healthy lifestyles. Fundamental guidelines in terms of prevention and promotion, proper material and human resources and personal care to improve the physical, psychological and social well-being of all.

GSD schools have a Medical Office available during the entire school day, with daily visits for the Early Childhood classrooms. They attend to any student at the request of the family or if they need assistance during school hours, monitor chronic conditions, and perform check-ups recommended by the Spanish Society of Pediatrics.

Health Plan
Plan for Educational Assistance and Psychoeducational Guidance (PGD Plan)

GSD carries out continuous personal and emotional monitoring of students. Being there for all of our students’ key moments, be that in relation to their academic development or physical development or, of course, in terms of the various circumstances they may be going through, is vital for healthy growth. As such, GSD has a Plan for Educational Assistance and Psychoeducational Guidance (PGD Plan), where the Psychoeducational Guidance Department (PGD) and each student’s tutor work together to devise an individualized plan for assistance and action depending on the student’s needs. The tutor is the main way we communicate with families, with thorough monitoring of students through the Alexia platform, but also in-person contact when necessary.

Our Psychoeducational Guidance Departments include counselors, professionals in education and psychology, and specialist therapist teachers for every educational stage. They monitor in detail the student’s cognitive, emotional and social development and they offer academic and professional guidance to help define their individual future plans.

The Guidance Department Plan comprises the Incluyo Plan, the Coexistence Plan and the Tutor Action Plan, which are bolstered by the “expanded psychoeducational service”. This service supplies the center with education professionals and different technological tools to enable families to identify needs and to improve the monitoring and development of each student.

Environmental Education and Responsible Citizens

Environmental Education and Social Responsibility are two fundamental pillars of the GSD project in its objective to educate responsible citizens. We believe in the power of education to improve society. Therefore, like the rest of the educational community, the students experience environmental awareness and contact with nature, they integrate everyday with students with different abilities, participate in humanitarian activities and assimilate these criteria of sustainability, coexistence and responsibility as an important part of their learning and life.

Sport and values

GSD promotes grassroots sports from a recreational-leisure point of view, as a means to learn about the natural environment and to improve health. GSD is also firmly committed to competitive sports in different disciplines, where it ranks on the top podiums.

The GSD Sports Club, with a history of 25 years, has almost 10,000 students at different levels and disciplines, and its educational importance has been recognized by awards such as the National Sports Award in 2013, and the 7 Stars Award, from the Community of Madrid in 2015.

Healthy leisure

Promoting sports helps us to achieve the objective of educating values and promoting the interest of students in a healthy and creative leisure, which helps them to develop all their physical and intellectual abilities, forming them as individuals and enriching their education according to their needs or preferences.

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